Bateleur Long Short Prescient QI Hedge Fund

A long/short equity fund with a directional bias.

It is a flexible hedge fund suitable for high-net-worth individuals, institutions, family offices and hedge fund of funds.

The investment objective is to generate returns in excess of inflation over the medium to long term whilst placing a premium on protecting investor capital.

The fund will predominantly invest in South African markets, but may also invest in offshore markets. It may invest in listed and unlisted securities, including but not limited to equities, bonds, money markets instruments, property shares, derivatives and debentures.

The fund was started in January 2005, since October 2016 the fund has been regulated under CISCA.

Fund Managers

Kevin Williams
CA (SA) | Director & Fund Manager of Long/Short & Flexible Fund
Charl Gous, CFA
Director & Fund Manager of Market Neutral Fund, Long/Short Fund and Equity Fund